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Taiwo Adebayo

After laying basic investment foundations that is,knowing all you need to know about profit-making while you sleep,and in going into investment as a beginner. Remember ,if you don’t get information concerning what you want to do, you may tread the wrong path and you will never get to your desired expectations. Getting information is the first step.

The second step is your level of investment because quantum leap in investment can be very dangerous. There is no short cut to wealth except stealing, because information exposes your ignorance and answers your numerous questions.

The level of investment is determined by the size of your pocket and it also determined the disparity of your steps. It could be one at a time or two to three steps at a time
Taiwo Adebayo is a institutional trader and Investor Counselor, students can expect to learn how important it is to be on the correct side of a trade, as well as develop the skills necessary to identify institutional unfilled orders. Due to her 4+ years of experience, students can also expect lots of useful advice, encouragement, and honest feedback

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