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We provide Trading education, coaching and mentoring for new, aspiring, struggling, intermediate and even the more advanced Trader. Wherever you are starting from, we will try our best to teach, help and support your development as a Trader, through to Consistent Profitability and beyond.

Earn Forex Nigeria’s comprehensive Forex Training Personal Mentorship Programme is aimed at helping aspiring and struggling traders along the path to consistent profitability and helping established traders to improve their performance and learn Higher Probability Trading Strategies.

If you want to become a professional at anything it does take education, time, practice and experience, however, with the right guidance and mentorship, you can fast track that process significantly.

We hold periodic Forex Training events such as Forex Trading Workshops & Seminars in the London area, and offer Personalised Mentorship Programmes which are tailored to your specific needs and are conducted online in a webinar format, at a time to suit you

You will also learn the following;

  1. What are the currency markets
  2. How can you profit from them
  3. Analysis methods
  4. Trading strategies
  5. What type of trader would you be
  6. What discipline is required to be successful as a trader
  7. What is your realistic earning potential